The Year of the CEOwner

Got big business goals this year? Here’s one we think you should consider – Learn how to run your business like a CEO so that your business thrives throughout 2017.


JANUARY 24, 2017 // 3:00PM EST

This is your chance to get your business moving in the right direction. Jump start your business for the new year and get the business skills you need to succeed. 

I LOVE New Years Resolutions! It's a clean slate. You have a fresh start, a blank canvas of your year, and you can turn it into anything you want it to be. While I don't achieve every single thing on my original list, I do achieve most of it. And sometimes what I achieve is better than the original goal. The key is having clear goals AND a strong plan. 

Let's rock your business plan together! We will talk REAL business growth, CEO level systems, and how to increase the speed at which you achieve!  




Amy Walker

Amy Walker is an executive business coach, professional speaker, author and CEO of Amy Walker Consulting. She is gifted with understanding people and how to get them to shift, increase productivity, and utilize their talents to complete company objectives. That skill set shows up in her leadership strategies, sales scripts, and marketing campaigns. Her clients rave about her ability to get to the heart of any business challenge, and then build the system to support sustainable change.


Kim Beasley

Grow your visibility, grow your business. Kim Beasley has been a Strategic Business Coach since 2005 and coaches business owners to grow their online visibility using their WordPress website and social media. Also, she has a multi-year, 5-figure contract with and their dealers by providing WordPress training and support desk service. Fun fact, Kim also has a pen name, Brey King, that has several paranormal romance books published.

This webinar is for entrepreneurs who want to STOP spinning their wheels and finally get the right business plan in place to accelerate sustainable growth and be the in-control CEO. 

C’mon. Let’s work together to make 2017 a truly successful year!

You've made your business resolutions.

Now what's your next move?